There are several factors that contribute to litterbox odor — and probably the largest single component is what goes in to your cat. The right cat food can make a huge difference between a miserably stinky environment and one that’s odor free. As cats are obligate carnivores, a good rule of thumb is feeding your cat as little grain as possible and as much raw food as you can.

The best all around resource I’ve found to date is at - totally worth a browse in any case!

Choice of Litter/Stirring

As mentioned in our Basic Box Maintenance video and elsewhere here at the website, choice of litter and some basic maintenance steps can make a huge difference in performance. Using a good quality crystal and doing an occasional “rake and stir” will extend the life of your crystals and reduce odor noticeably. This is a very important point that can make a huge difference in both extending the life of your crystals — so important that it is emphasized on the side panel of every top quality crystal supplier. Stirring them around will allow them to release moisture to the air (not urine, but water vapor) and will generally allow them to then absorb more, smell less.

Extra tip: One of the aspects of the Scoop Free (whether you use one of the many brands of cardboard cartridges or the Forever Litter Tray) is that invariably some “cleaner” crystals will accumulate behind the rake when it’s in the “rest” position — and as most cats urinate in the center of the box the crystals along the sides will be less used. It’s a good idea to manually cycle the box every once in awhile and using you pooper-scooper mix in those fresher crystals, as well as the ones along the sides of the box.

In summary, investing only about 30 seconds per day will result in tremendous improvements and make you, your cat, and your wallet a lot happier.

More Odor Control Tips

Jim from Hawaii dropped us an email with his solution for a bit more odor control. He sprinkles a light layer of baking soda in the tray just before pouring the crystals in.

Jenn, one of our other long-time customers, suggests another way to control the odor from the “source.” When her cats have access to greens to much on such as Vita-Greens it also significantly reduces waste odor.  (Thanks Jenn)