Your #1 choice in premium crystal cat litter. Highest measured absorbency, lowest dust, lasts longer than other "bargain" brands.

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Your top choice in premium crystal cat litter, Just the Crystals is fragrance free with the highest rated absorbency, delivered in pre-measured bags for added convenience for ScoopFree® users.

  • You can find a broad range of crystal litters available on the market today. While some are good quality, they tend to be over-priced, and unfortunately the cheap brands often provide less than optimal performance. In 2009, we developed Just the Crystals through extensive testing because we had grown tired of the cheaper “bargain” crystals, which were dusty, didn’t absorb well, didn’t eliminate odor and just didn’t last very long. You’ll find Just the Crystals have been tested for the highest measured absorbency rate on the market (measured in ml/gm), plus they emit very low dust.
  • Many of our customers report being able to go around 30 days from one bag of Just the Crystals (4.4lbs), but honestly, due to the wide variation in cat sizes, habits, diets, and environmental factors, we will not make specific claims on how long our litter will last.
  • What we can promise, is if you follow our suggested tips, your litter will last significantly longer (no matter what brand you choose – ours or theirs). Since we are cat owners like you, we have worked closely with our factory to perform extensive testing in order to find the right blend for Just the Crystals’ optimal performance and our cats’ prime satisfaction and happiness. We feel confident that you won’t find that attention to detail from many other crystal litter manufacturers on the market today.
  • With Just the Crystals you get the best overall value in a premium crystal litter, especially if you combine with the helpful tips mentioned here on our website and take advantage of  free Amazon shipping. Furthermore, because it’s important to us to provide a planet friendly product, Just the Crystals are entirely in eco-friendly packaging, from the recycled cardboard boxes to the fully recyclable plastic bags, which means we make it easy and handy for you to “reduce, re-use, and recycle”.


Most types of litter claim this, but none can match crystals

Not only is crystal litter biodegradable, but on average you use 5 times less

Bag of Just the Crystals cat litter

To pets and children and does not contain crystalline silica (which is present in clay litters and may be carcinogenic to cats)

To clumping litter on a monthly basis as you use so much less
Crystal litter absorbs up to 5X more than clay — DOES NOT CLUMP

Crystal litters differ from traditional clay litters in that absorption happens similar to a sponge soaking up the urine. Since the urine remains in the crystal “sponge” unchanged, as it is exposed to air circulation the water vapor evaporates from the sponge leaving the waste solids with the silica. The absorption process interacts chemically with those physical properties until a saturation point occurs, at which time you will need to change the litter. A great thing about silica, the absorption process also kills bacteria creating a safer and healthier environment for you and your kitty.


Don’t worry, unused crystal cat litter is completely safe for cats and for human handling. However, you’ve probably already heard that pregnant women and immunosuppressed persons should avoid handling cat litter waste, as the cat feces can sometimes transmit Toxoplasmosis. We recommend you always wash your hands after handling any kind of cat litter.


For further information please consult your doctor.


If you’re worried about silica, don’t be. Crystal cat litters have been extensively tested for many years now and are safe for your cat. Its basic chemical makeup can be closely compared to sand and the industrial name for it is silica gel. Silica gels are a safe porous substance that is most commonly used to absorb excess moisture in flowers, food,  leather and even computer equipment from humidity. You may even have seen a small packet in your bottle of vitamins!  Rest assured we would never subject our cats to anything harmful to them or your home environment. You’re safe in our hands!
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