Forever Litter Trays
Forever Litter Trays
The greener alternative to disposable cat litter trays

Get ready to say

Goodbye to Disposable Trays

As fellow cat owners, we have always tried to figure out ways to make the litterbox chore a little easier for ourselves, and cleaner and more pleasant for our cats, while at the same time a lot "greener" and less expensive.




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I’ve been using my Forever Litter Trays for many months now. I must say that they certainly are an easy and affordable option for my automated litter tray. They are not only a really useful and eco-friendly alternative to the costly disposable trays that come with the product, but Rick has been a pleasure to deal with from the moment I made contact. It’s not very often that I find an exceptional product and equally fantastic customer service... a great idea from a great guy.
— Jo Lewis BSc BVMS (Hons) MRCVS, The Cat Vet Home Visiting Clinic
The model now being sold is even better than the original, and the original was a ‘must have’
— Charlie Howard
If you have the automatic cat box, you NEED this product for it. The disposable ones just don’t work as well, and are a hassle. This product works perfectly.
— Tyler Williamson
This product exceeded my expectations. It was simple to assemble and fit perfectly. Just cleaned the tray after 2 weeks of use by one cat. No mess or odor. Easy to empty waste, wash, dry and refill. Great solution to replace the expensive disposable litter tray that urine soaked through after only a few days, also less garbage for the landfill.
— Jeannie Elbode


Save money

By only needing to replace the crystals you will realize significant savings over wasteful cardboard replacement cartridges.

Stop adding to landfills

By using Forever Litter Trays you stop sending large cardboard boxes filled with your cat's waste to your local landfill. Our trays are well made so should give you many years of good service, and are even made from fully recyclable materials (should you ever actually need to dispose of them).