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As fellow cat owners, we have always tried to figure out ways to make the litterbox chore a little easier for ourselves, and cleaner and more pleasant for our cats, while at the same time a lot "greener" and less expensive. While ScoopFree® makes an excellent machine, disposable cardboard PetSafe ScoopFree litter tray refills are both expensive and environmentally wasteful.


Forever Litter Trays offer cat owners a greener and more cost effective permanent replacement to the disposable cardboard Scoopfree® litter tray refills, and are a direct fit replacement for all models of machines that accept those cartridges. Our light beige colored trays are made from an extremely durable plastic that is resistant to stains and odors by incorporating a special anti-microbial agent in the plastic during manufacture.

(Please note: Due to the difference in the cover design of the Scoopfree Slide (their manual version), the Forever Flap will not fit onto the cover section on that particular model, however the tray itself will fit and work with no problem. The Flap will however fit all of the other machines as the Forever Litter Tray is a direct replacement fit for any machine that takes the cardboard cartridges).

In developing the Forever Litter Tray, we had four objectives in mind:

  • Provide a tray that is more eco-friendly and a better design than the disposable Scoopfree® litter tray refills, cutting costs for cat owners and reducing landfill at the same time.
  • Make all aspects, from the tray itself to the packaging it comes in as eco-friendly as possible. All our products come packaged in recycled cardboard, and the tray itself is made from strong, fully recyclable plastic, so that it can be properly disposed of at the end of its life cycle (which should be many, many years!)
  • Make it easy to use
  • Make it as leak-proof as possible

The Forever Litter Tray incorporates the following features:

  • One-piece construction for strength and integrity.
  • Constructed from lightweight yet tough materials for ease of handling during changing and cleaning without sacrificing strength and durability. The tray and Forever Flap are made from the same strong anti-microbial plastic.
  • An improved waste compartment that is easier to clean and do the occasional “rake and stir”. (Please note that the waste storage area is actually the entire area under the purple/grey cover, not just the area behind the barrier, although waste will tend to collect in that area. Don’t worry if you don’t see all the waste being deposited (so to speak) behind that barrier — everything is functioning fine as long as it is collected under the purple cover.

The Forever Flap

In order to better contain odors, we’ve developed the Forever Flap which attaches to the purple cover (or grey, depending on your machine). This provides an additional odor barrier to the lip incorporated into the construction of the tray itself. The lip at the back serves the secondary function of helping to keep crystals from spilling out in the event the waste compartment starts to fill up when nearing the end of a cleaning cycle.

With our innovative design the magnets are no longer needed, so the Forever Flap design makes it much easier to use than Scoopfree® litter tray refills. Our design allows you to just tilt back the cover for the occasional “rake and stir”, and at the same time offers more capacity in the waste compartment area.